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Who We Are, and Our Story

Let us introduce ourselves. We are two mothers; Shani & Maya. We are the founders of Designooks your one-stop-shop for online nursery decor, and nursery design sets based in the San Francisco bay area`.

We are going to tell you about ourselves and share our personal stories with you so that you will know the whole idea behind our nooks, and have a better understanding of what we make sure to include in our nursery design sets.

I’ll begin first 😊 I’m Shani, married to Omri and mom to Guy (4 years old) and Alma (18 months old). I'm a speech therapist with an extensive background in kids psychology and child development. For the last couple of  years, I also worked as a site merchandiser for kids and baby products since I have a natural feel and smart sense when it comes to online shopping. It’s one of my many passions.

I recall when my daughter Alma, was just born and right afterwards we moved into a new house, oh how I felt a need to decorate her nursery just right along with the rest of the house. The feeling of coziness and that homey feeling is  of the utmost importance to me and I remember how I enjoyed and loved the process of turning my new house into our “HOME”

My friends and family were shocked about how quickly I had managed to decorate my home and especially were oohing and awing about how beautiful the nursery was, and how it inspired them to want to also decorate the rooms in their houses! For some reason everyone kept talking about the wonderous nursery in my home and couldn’t get it out of their minds.

So, after many requests I started helping my friends decorate their homes and their children’s rooms as well. They all expressed how they had felt a lack of direction and did not have the time nor the energy to do it themselves, but at the same time, they did not want to pay a lot of money to hire an interior designer.

The Nooks Idea was born!

Based on those conversations I had with my friends, I realized there was a great demand for some type of an easy, simple, and affordable home decorating solution.

It was at that point I thought of CURATED PRE-DESIGNED BUNDLES with all the finishing touches in one box for every space in the house, and I knew I needed to look for a partner who hadmore design knowledge to help me take my idea to the next level and turn this wonderful idea, a dream for mothers into reality.

Luckily a good friend introduced me to my co-founder, Maya..

Hi there, it’s my turn now to introduce myself. I’m Maya, married to Raz, mom to Tomer, Nadav and Avigail. A designer for the past 20 years, in various areas of design, after finishing my design studies at an art academy in Amsterdam. I’m a former shoe designer of my own shoes brand MYKA and now an experienced home stylist and an entrepreneur. 

For the past years I had already helped dozens of families create the home of their dreams, and also, like Shani, felt there was a void in the market which would allow people to decorate their homes in an easy and affordable manner. At the time I was introduced to Shani I was working as a home stylist at Anthropologie, had my own private clients and was also working on my own idea in the home styling field.

Shani and her whole wonderful idea made total sense to me and aligned with so much of what I learned during my work experience.

People nowadays are very busy weather it’s with work, or attending to other children’s needs, family, and what not! As a result many new mothers as much as they want to design the perfect nursery for their child that would include all the necessary design and stimulus items that nurture development and learning and can give the child the sense of security and loving environment which are all crucial in a child’s development, well the truth of the matter is  mother’s simple do not have the time to search and seek for all the items that can blend in and match for the perfect nursery they have in mind. With that said Shani and I both realized we must give that helping hand to mother’s that would save them tons of time and yet give them that perfect nursery design which they so badly want for their children.

So, we decided to join forces.

The perfect team:

With Shani’s knowledge in child’s development and psychology alongside her knowledge in merchandise and my knowledge in styling and design made perfect sense to start our own company together. 

Our Goals

Nursery Designs to Reflect Love

As mothers and parents to our little kids, we want the nursery design we chose for our babies to reflect the love that we feel towards them. We want our babies to feel safe, calm, and loved.

Nothing is more important than creating a safe, loving, and protected environment that a baby can feel secure and happy, and of course loved.

And this is exactly what Shani and I do, we sit down and design these nursery sets that reflect love and offer that beautiful tranquil environment that baby’s can feel happy and grow!

Nursery Designs That Stimulate the Infant’s Brain

In addition there is so much research that shows how decorating your child’s nursery can nurture growth, stimulate an infant’s brain, thus allowing for healthy development of your child. We take this into consideration into each of our nursery designs- that includes items that can stimulate a child’s brain. According to Dr Amanda Gummer, an authority on the likes of child development, play and parenting, 80% of the information of an infant’s brain receives at this early age comes from their vision. Therefore, this really puts a lot of emphasis on visual stimulation. Gummer says that by surrounding your newborn with strong visual stimuli, you can spur on mental development.

“Babies who are stimulated by their environments reach developmental milestones faster; have better coordination and a more secure self image” (According to Ludington-Hoe & Golant, 1987)

One of my favorite books written by Susan Ludington-Hoe:” How to Have a Smarter Baby: The Infant Stimulation Program For Enhancing Your Baby's Natural Development”

Making a difference

As mothers we want everything to be perfect in our  babies' life and that includes everything from their toys, their surroundings and especially their nursery.

The amazing thing is we can actually make a difference in our babies’ lives by simply including certain items into the nursery we design for our little ones. This is what motivated us to create Designooks.

The Birth of  Designooks!

We jumped right on it and together we started with lots of research, and pretty early on we knew we had a great idea that would enable people to affordably decorate their homes, and mother’s could very simply design the nursery of their dreams so easily and without hassle .

Our bigger plan is to create design bundles for each room and space of the house, but firstly we decided to start with the baby room decor, because it allowsus the freedom to express the joy and privilege of welcoming a new family member.

Here we are to help

Our nursery design bundles are original and put thoughtfully together by both of us, we searched high and low for the best suppliers, and we curated products that spoke to us as parents on one hand and as professionals, each one in her own field on the other hand, so that you could have a room that reflected the love and happiness in your hearts and your child’s exploring experience in mind.

As working mommies, we understand that our hectic lifestyle allows little time to search for the perfect items to make the nursery design look great. Don’t worry though. We are here to help!

Desigooks makes the nursery decor process so simple. Our mission is to help anyone turn their house into a home :) 

So which Nook will you take to make your dream come true? Stay tuned for more rooms to follow!


Shani & Maya