Jungle leaves wall decals baby room decor

The perfect solution for nursery decorating, create the perfect space for your baby with Wall Decals.

Wall decals are a sweet, delicate addition to any room’s decor, without having to commit to a particular style. You can add any shaped wall stickers in just seconds to create a whole different atmosphere to your nursery. Peel and stick them all over a room or just one wall or a corner, to give an accent in minutes.

There are many kinds of wall decals out there so let's find out how decals can change your nursery easily :)

1. Simple shapes

Fun patterns like signs, polka dots, triangles, stars and hearts combine with the chosen shades of your nursery. are one way of how decals can change your nursery easily... For example pink, purple, and yellow to create the unique style of these stickers. If you know a girl who loves Rainbows, you can be sure she'll love these, too! 

Black triangles wall decals baby room decor


2. A fun theme
Make one of your nursery walls tell a story...
It can be a scene from a book or any other cute and fun picture, that brings a whole new look to the room and let your kid live the fantasy when putting on a whole wall!

zoo wall decals baby room decor


3. Animals 

We make it super easy to create one fun and fantastically furry park scene. This wall mural filled up with all sorts of animals kids love, looks great in the nursery, kids’ rooms of all ages...
Safari wall decals baby room decor


4. Inspirational Phrases 

This trend that features inspirational phrases is one of the most popular ones in wall decals. Customize your son's or daughter's name in combination with a dedicated phrase, surround them with positive energy and fills up the room with good thoughts and vibes.

inspirational phrases wall decals


5. Measuring Chart 

You can also buy wall decals for your children’s bedroom that have practical uses. If you want to be able to buy something that can act as a fun decoration, while also being useful, then this is going to appeal to you. This is a measuring chart wall decal that will help you to keep track of how much your child is growing. 

giraffe measuring chart wall sticker



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