forest nursery design in a box

Walking into your friend's baby room, you look around and you gasp at the elegance of how the room is set up. But the biggest question is yet to be answered. How did the room come about? A few weeks ago you were standing in the same walkway as you are now and the room was empty, so how did it flourish in the blink of an eye? 

The truth is designing the baby room is not an easy task, but that is why we are here to help! With our expert tips, your nursery will transform into something incredible! Here are our fabulous tips on how to set up your baby's nursery.

The Main Spaces of Focus

1. The Furniture

The first step in how to set up your baby's nursery refers to the main items. In designing any baby room is to place each piece of furniture in a strategic space in order to make the room feel big and welcoming to a visitor. For example, having the crib in one corner and the dresser on the opposite. This frees up space for you to utilize in order to fill the room up with your own dazzle. 

gender-neutral nursery design

2. The Floor Area

The floor area is a crucial spot in the nursery because it has many purposes. It can be used for play time, feeding time, etc. So the floor space needs to be set up in a manner that is soft and comforting.
Designook's home decor has many options for that. For example, having a unique rug is crucial, but what is most important is the little details that fill up the space. For example, if we take a look at a full box from Nooks, we see that they have a play mat, blankets, and a toy basket for anything that the little one needs. The little things are the ones that can make the biggest difference.

forest nursery design in a box

3. The Remaining Space

The remaining space consists of the walls and the ceiling. This area is the most crucial in designing the baby room because it is where your creativity comes to life. Everyone wants a specific theme for their nursery and this is where that theme is created.
The perfect place to look for these themes is Designooks! Designooks has amazing options for your nursery needs. 
Looking at Designooks Star Little Box, we see that they offer wall decals that will sing twinkle twinkle little stars to your child every night, in addition beautiful decorations of flag garlands, shelves, and more decorations that will fill your every need.
These items are sure to make your nursery a success.

stars nursery design in a box