A Gender-Neutral baby room decor

Get The Gender-Neutral Nursery Look!

Traditionally speaking, blue nurseries are for boys and pink nurseries are for girls. While there is nothing wrong with traditional color schemes, a gender-neutral nursery is an easy solution that appeals to children and parents of any gender. These gender-neutral nursery designs are relaxing and sweet, and definitely not boring! Check out our guide on how to design a gender-neutral nursery whether you're expecting a baby boy or girl!

The secret to a neutral color nursery is layering. We don't want to see a white tone spread all around the room, what we want is a combination of whites and creams playing together in harmony.


Keep It Light & Fun

In order to design a gender-neutral nursery, keep your colors choice minimal with whites, creams, tans, woods and natural greenery. This color scheme will create a clean, light feel and allow your main room piece to remain the focus in the nursery. The main furniture pieces can be plain white so they’ll show how the rug stands out, they serve to complement the star of the show rather than compete with it. And as well, adding a colorful mobile or toys is encouraged to make sure your little one has lots of visual stimulation even in a neutral space.

gender neutral nursery designgender neutral nursery design 


The Nursery Is Also A Place For You

You can totally decorate the nursery like you do the rest of the house! Just because you’re designing a child’s room doesn’t mean the design can’t align with your style. Work on a design that complements your style, After all, you’ll be spending time in this space too. 
You can use elements for the nursery design as natural wicker baskets and wood tones. Totally on trend, these baskets also offer plenty of functional storage space for toys and linens. The woven design motif can also be echoed in other items, like seats and wall decor pieces. 

gender neutral nursery boho designgender neutral nursery boho design



Enjoy The Decorating Process!

One thing you can do is be playful in the decorations while keeping it universal or broad. This is still a kid’s room after all! There are plenty of ways to keep a nursery young and vibrant while maintaining your own style and sophistication. Shop around for cute kids artwork and toys to add that element of fun. We love using fun storage options like vintage jars and wood crates as vessels to organize and display toys, books, and blankets. Adding fun and colorful books, pictures, and decorations will give you a playful feel to your neutral color palette. 


gender neutral animal nursery designanimals pictures baby room wall decor


Don’t Be Afraid Of Greenery

You can't imagine how a succulent, philodendron, or fiddle leaf fig completes a space, even a nursery! plant it with a nice pot and place it next to the crib. If you love it, keep it going and find creative ways to keep a gender-neutral look while including greenery! You can add a bit more greenery in one or two more elements of your decor to complete the look, like a botanical blanket to style the crib or a cactus picture on the wall.

gender neutral nursery design with plantsgender neutral greenery nursery