stars nursery design

In the world of nurseries and home decor, there are two types of baby rooms, the stylish and the dull. But in many cases the difference between the two is subtle. An item or two can take the room to a whole new level. Here are our top 5 must-have items to upgrade your baby's room!

1. The Throw Pillow

Throw pillows are our first one in the 5 Must-Have Items To Upgrade Your Baby’s Room list. They have a very broad diversity, which makes them a very underrated item in the nursery.  That is because there are so many ways to use them, that choosing the right one for the baby room is essential for its visual success. Throw Pillows also bring a sense of coziness into your home and give a comfortable environment for your guests and for your baby.

cloud plush pillow baby room decor

2. The Rug

In a room with space, it is significant to use all of it so that the design of the room is complete. This is why the rug is so important. It brings the wall and the floor together in a unity of two different spaces in the nursery. Basic, boring floors are empty but yours won't be because you took our advice!

adventure play mat baby room decor

3. The Basket

Baby toys are so cute and fun, but they are also messy and not the prettiest to look at. Toys need their baskets to go in. That's why the two go together like peanut butter and jelly. But this is why the item is so important. Because it is so useful and if used right is a beautiful addition to the room that cannot be missed at first sight.
4. The Wall Decals
Like the rug, wall decals are even more essential to the baby room because there is so much more space on the walls! Filling the space up with posters or other decorations doesn't do justice to the room like the walls decals do. The appearance of the item is that of an artist who came and designed the walls himself.

stars wall hanging baby room decor
5. The Garland
Garlands come in many shapes and sizes, from letters to lights. They add a factor to the room that no other item can fill. Flag Garlands fill the room with your own personal touch as the item dictates the vibe that the room gives. It could be an array of lights that bring an electric element to the room or it could be a bundle of stars that inspire the baby to dream big.

rainbow nursery design in a box