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forest nursery design in a box

Are you searching high and low to get nursery design ideas or seeking that inspiration needed to design the nursery?

Well, you’ve come to the right spot!

Here are a few baby nursery design ideas and the inspiration you need to get started. We picked these out for you to help you achieve these goals. These designs are full-on and special, don’t hesitate to go bold, nurseries can be designed in all sorts of styles and each idea can be unique in its own way.

It’s all about the kids

This is the place you may fly so high with your imagination while creating your nursery design concept. While we live in a world where change is part of the game and we often feel the need to make changes, if it’s our style of clothes, our furniture, or cars… Some of us have the urge or tendency to execute big ideas and challenge our imagination :) So decorations change, furniture changes and babies keep coming our way as we speak!

Can’t wait to share with you our featured list for the top 5 Baby Nursery Design Ideas And Inspiration ranging from incredible design techniques to unique furniture style choices.

So here they are, ready to get inspired?

1. The White Wool Spectacular

Walking into this room the first thing that you want to do is just feel and hug every element in this room. Just by the look you can imagine the feel and smile wide with content thinking about your baby’s comfort and happiness. The soft gender-neutral colors of each element in this nursery decor and the warmth of the soft rug and it’s peaceful colors makes you want to lay down with your baby on it and hug each other all day. Every element in the room has its way of saying, "this room essence is so soft and so comfortable. How could you not fall in love with a room like this? This is a perfect nursery design example for a nursery that also keeps in mind the parent, who spends so much time in this room when the baby wakes up a couple of times a night. You will find yourself coming to help your baby calm down or feed him. This design is a nice place for you to be in, and make you a little more comfortable every time you’re there.

white nursery design inspiration

2. The Sweetest Lemon - Nursery Inspiration!

One person once said “When life hands you a lemon, say "Oh yeah, I like lemons.”
I tell ya, lemons nowadays have just gotten a whole lot sweeter. The combination of the yellow and turquoise color schemes brings out a new vibrant taste in the nursery design of your baby. The colors feel fresh and you can only imagine the dominant smell of the lemons opening your taste buds and your baby’s day to a ray of shining yellow sunshine. The mint background color of the lemons tree mural complements perfectly the colors of the lemon tree. The addition of the yellow tassels on the dresser knobs and the funky yellow lamp tie the whole nursery design look together.
Climb and pick your lemon! The ladder as a decor element, adds a creative feel to the nursery design while also bringing out a powerful message that encourages the baby to always climb towards their dreams.
With this unique and one of a kind nursery design you can sit back and enjoy watching your baby grows up because this baby room decor is there to stay for a long time. You won’t need to think about adapting the style to a toddler or an older kid. One design fits them all!

lemons themed nursery design

3. The Forest Explorer

Deep in the forest, we go to explore the wilderness and beyond! This enchantment of a nursery design will remind you and your child of the most breathtaking views that only nature can provide. The colors of thousands of greens are covering the nursery walls, and all the forest and its nature in its beauty are brought inside as a never-ending landscape.
Put on your tiny backpack and get ready to explore your possibilities, This is simply a cute and adventurous room for the cutest and adventurous baby.

forest nursery wall design

4. The Little Space Cadet

Reach for the stars is something that you always want to tell your child while growing up. But with this room, that message is already taught to your young one. This room is so extraordinary that you and your baby will never want to leave it. The brightest stars will twinkle for the most adorable babies.
In this nursery design, where the stars are all around and the moon as a lamp is so reachable, we can find again a clear message to your cutie one, don’t be afraid to dare, try, to dream, and keep exploring what is that you feel is right for you.
And you, as his parents, set an example, don’t be afraid to dare as well. Why not paint one of the nursery walls with a dark color? So the stars will be able to shine above it… Create an atmosphere of the universe and let your baby grow up in his space, and take his imagination skills to next level.

stars baby room decor

5. The Rainbow Paradise - Rainbow Nursery

Pink clouds only exist in cotton candy land, right? Wrong. Because in this room your kids will live on these creamy pink and white clouds. Falling asleep will take on a new meaning as your baby will daze off marveling at their new marshmallow heaven. The Rainbow and clouds nursery design is not a fairytale, it’s for real! When the sun is up in the sky and rain starts pouring, happens magic, a rainbow appears. This is exactly the feeling we want to give your little one all day long in her room. She is your treasure and she deserves a room full of magic!

This nursery design idea is very tranquil and subtle with a touch of gold and mainly pink, well it has all the colors of the rainbow, but they don’t take over the design.

rainbow nursery

Bottom line, once your little one arrives it’ll be a party all night long and not the kind you used to go to... So think about the first tiring months. You better make the space cheery with these sorts of fun nursery design ideas which are a true inspiration.
We still want you to have a good time!
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