Jungle theme nursery design

When thinking for the first time about nursery decorating, sometimes there is a tendency to get stressed out. Questions you start asking yourself such as Where do I start? What should I buy? Where is it important to start? Will these nursery decor items work together? We wrote this blog post to not only present you with 10 fabulous ideas for nurseries but to also help you make a bit of order so that you can avoid spending money on items that you will have to replace after a short period and to help you focus on what you truly need and what’s important when considering decorating your nursery.

There are many ways to work on your nursery design, not just one because it’s individual. We each have different needs and wishes, but in general, a perfectly designed baby room is one that stimulates the imagination of the baby but does not overwhelm it, with colors that will be calm and soothing and yet will also include functional items that will make your baby’s time joyful and happy.

Our children are growing at a fast pace, our style changes, and sometimes a brother or sister joins the room. Therefore, the nursery décor you decide to go with should be such that it can be changed and updated relatively easily without too much effort, with the use of design elements that can be easily replaced and fit the age of the children at any age.

In the first months of your baby’s life, the room is mainly used for sleeping, so you should create a pleasant look that gives a relaxing and peaceful environment, one that will help the baby be comfortable on its own and easily help him/her fall asleep. This atmosphere or environment you create can be achieved by neutral colors and simple design. So, when planning your baby’s nursery, try to take into consideration each item that you plan on purchasing, can it grow with the child? And ask yourself will it be needed in a year or two? In other words, will the nursery décor be easily transformable and adaptable for when the baby becomes a toddler?

Here we have laid out for you 10 Wonderful ideas for baby nurseries that will help you in the nursery design process.


1. The concept

Before you start you need to know what to look for. What is the style or theme of the nursery design? If you are confused and need help, you can always go to Pinterest, type the word- nursery or baby room decor, and Pinterest search will come up with lots of options and suggestions. Within a few minutes, the eye will draw you to certain designs and you will understand what you like and what you should focus on when searching for that perfect nursery design you want. You can try searching for a specific nursery design theme such as safari, stars, princesses, forest, hearts… You can search by a specific color or color combinations or you can search by design style: modern, rustic, boho, Scandinavian…


2. Neutral furniture

So as I mentioned before, we recommend choosing furniture in a neutral shade so that they can grow together with the room and the child, stay with you for a long time, and fit any design.

Another thing to consider is that the room can be today for your baby boy and later on for a girl or vice versa, so leave the gender colors behind… Smaller accessories that complement the design look, like curtains, pillows, bedding, or rug are always easier to replace than permanent useful expensive furniture.


3. The crib location

If the dimensions of the room allow it, then we recommend placing the crib far from the window as this is the coldest wall in the room and sometimes cold air penetrates through the window. Plus you’ll feel safer when your baby doesn’t sleep under the window :) 

blush nursery design

4. Choose a focal wall with color, wallpaper or wall stickers

We recommend concentrating only on one or two walls. For example the bed wall or the changing table wall. It is not recommended to focus on walls that have something less aesthetic that you do not want to emphasize, for example - a wall with an AC.


5. Hanging wall shelves - an important part of the nursery decor

Shelves create another interesting dimension to the wall. You can hang one or more shelves, in a variety of shapes and materials. On the shelf, you can put different decor pieces like a frame with a picture of the baby, a small plant, decorative items, dolls...

It is best to hang shelves on the wall next to the crib or the one above the changing table, to prevent one of the objects from falling on the baby. What can be hung above the crib? Anything soft and light that if it falls will not endanger anyone, for example, a soft mobile. 

forest theme nursery decor
6. Storage is necessary when planning the nursery

It is very important to consider storage. Children have huge amounts of games and toys that they are very attached to and don’t seem to let go so fast :) There are lots of stunning and beautifully designed storage solutions out there today that will suit the nursery design or theme you want to go with, it will not be difficult to find creative solutions for this so that the kids can keep the room tidy for a long time.


7. Carpet

A rug adds a lot of warmth to any room and especially to a baby room/ baby nursery. The rug can be light-colored and not take over the room or rather be the main design item in the room, striking and bold when all the rest of the nursery design is relaxed and light. Choose a rug that feels nice and fun to play on, one that small objects will not get lost in its long hair. Cotton is a good choice.


8. A peaceful sleeping environment

To create a calm environment, we will make sure that the bed is light-colored, with no flashy colors that attract the eye and arouse curiosity. Lightwood, white, or cream will be a good choice. Bedding with smooth colors or with delicate prints, ones that will not attract the attention of the baby or child, and that works with the baby decore used in the rest of the room.


9. Complimentary baby decor items

Once you have purchased and placed the main furniture, you can go ahead and complete the nursery design with the help of some home styling items such as baskets, mobiles, soft dolls, decorative pillows, bed bumpers, a large and beautiful flowerpot, additional lighting. Whatever items that can add warmth to the nursery’s atmosphere. But keep in mind that some of these items will become irrelevant in a year or two.


10. Pleasant for you too

In most cases the nursery also becomes partly your room too, they wake up a lot and you will find yourself coming to calm down your baby, feed, or sit by the crib. To make you a little more comfortable, I suggest placing an especially comfortable chair next to the crib. You should also add a little of your own personal style to the room, so you will also feel more comfortable when spending time there. Add to the nursery design items you like, whether it's beautiful pictures, bedding with a print that makes you happy, or a nice lamp to add light to the atmosphere.

stars theme nursery decor

Lastly, the trick is not to overload the room with whatever we see or we are told it is great for our baby’s development. Less is more! It is important not to overload visually, design in neutral unisex shades, think about each item you put in, and its functionality. And remember, our kids do not need so many items. They need mental space so that they can enrich themselves with the help