5 Toys that are Both Fashionable and Functional! - Designooks- Decorating made easy

How great would it be if your baby's favorite toys could be placed on their shelf and add another design element to the room? Toys that are both fun to play with and visually captivate the essence of the room are in short supply these days. So to make that easier for you, we have counted down our top 5 toys that are both functional and fashionable.

1. Wooden Camera

A nursery that has style is only missing one thing, a stylish baby to live in it. With this toy, your child will learn how to become a classy photographer while bringing out their own creative side. And after a long day of "taking photos", your child will rest their tool on the shelf where the camera will then transform into a charming decoration.


2. Colorful Blocks

Blocks are an important piece of any baby's childhood. They teach the young one to stack, build, and order objects. But with these new colorful blocks the fun won't stop because after your little one finishes playtime, the blocks magically turn into wall decor that is sure to visually stimulate the room.


3. Throw Pillows

 Pillows are one of the most important items in any room around the house. We have seen beautiful pillows before, but these throw pillows serve as your baby's new best friend. Like a stuffed animal, these pillows will dance and play with your child all day. And when your child rests, these pillows will rest on the side while continuously providing views for your guests every time they come to see the precious newborn.


4. Rocket Safe

If your child wants to be an astronaut, he will need a little bit of money for astronaut school. This rocket on your kid's shelf will not only serve as a piggy bank but encourage your child to reach for the stars every single night as he embarks on a courageous journey with his newly loved rocket.


5. Stackable Rainbow

An array of light, creamy colors that your child will never want to leave alone. This stackable rainbow is a fun tool for your child to learn about building objects with new and exciting colors. In addition to being a great toy, it's also an easy-to-carry object that adds beauty to any room that it is placed in.