Top Digital Marketing Tools Made in Vancouver Canada

Vancouver’s tech scene is thriving and some of the world’s most creative and functional digital marketing automation tools were developed right here on Canada’s west coast.  Companies like Hootsuite, Unbounce and Strutta are redefining the way companies build their brands and their businesses.

Hootsuite: Social Media Dashboard

When it comes to managing social media, many agencies love the benefits of Hootsuite. (Their fanbase is huge with more than 15 million users around the globe!) With Hootsuite a digital agency can schedule social media posts across a variety of social platforms, set careful permissions to safeguard your online reputation, and use real-time analytics to monitor your success and quantify return on investment. Hootsuite makes it easy to engage with your target audience and respond to prospects on social.

Unbounce: Landing Page Builder and Conversion Marketing Platform

Landing pages are a key component of many digital marketing strategies. Unbounce makes it easy for digital marketing specialists to quickly create and optimize well-designed landing pages and website overlays. Unbounce closes the gap between a potential lead and your team. It works so well that Unbounce is credited with more than 250 million conversions worldwide.

Strutta: Social Promotions, Contests, Sweepstakes and Competitions 

Strutta is a fantastic tool for managing contests or sweepstakes on Instagram, Facebook, or other social channels. It’s no wonder that it is used globally by some of the biggest corporate brands. Strutta integrates well with social utilities and websites and it’s versatile enough to run eye-catching contests that use photos, videos, or custom feedback. Strutta helps target specific demographics, grow your email database, attract more followers for your social media, increase brand awareness and generate more leads.

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What great Vancouver-based digital marketing tools have we missed? Drop us a note and we’ll consider adding it to this list.