How To Tell Stories To Grow Your Business

Storytelling for Business MarketingNumbers are always going to be a huge part of any marketing efforts. They mark where things started and how far they’ve come. But getting those numbers almost always starts with telling a fantastic story. Storytelling is a great way to add content—both on websites or in social media channels. And it’s a proven marketing strategy.

Content marketing studies show that 93% of online experiences start with a search engine, 75% of searchers only look at page one of Google search results, 61% of consumers feel better about companies that provide custom content. Potential and current clients appreciate and respect the free and valuable educational information they get from thought-leading businesses, and they respond with their loyalty and word-of-mouth advertising.

Telling stories is an easy way to keep content fresh and relevant. This month we’ve rounded-up some of our favourite dreamers and storytellers to show what a great story can do.

Philz Coffee

Philz Coffee is a San Francisco-based coffee company that specializes in hand-crafted coffee. Their story is full of information about the company, but told in a captivating way that doesn’t feel like a sales pitch.  Combining humor and history, they’ve told their own story while also creating a delicious invitation to current and future customers. [4 min watch] See how a great story is great marketing

How to Enhance Your Brand’s Storytelling with Video

Large companies have been telling their stories through video for years, but as more and more tools become available, this technique is accessible for small companies as well. Here are three ways to get started. [2 min read] 3 Ways to start filming your stories

AirBNB redesigns to Focus on People

The AirBNB website used to focus on places to stay. With their new overhaul the focus has shifted. AirBNB knows they’re selling you an experience, and people are at the heart of that experience. The new focus on lifestyle over location is poised to get great results. [2 min read] Take a look at AirBNB’s new direction

How To Use Content Marketing To Grow Your Business

Once you’ve found your story, how do you use it to get more customers? This article is a great primer for anyone looking to dive into content marketing, or ready to take their existing marketing a step further. Get the content marketing primer

How the Roaming Gnome ruled Twitter

Travelocity has a great mascot in the Travelling Gnome. Their recent campaign had the gnome responding to tweets through Vine.  The result was a very creative piece of storytelling that resonated wonderfully with their audience. [5 min read] See how a simple idea can have huge results

How to Find Your Story

Any company can tell a great story. Search Engine Journal has 7 great examples of stories from brands you might not expect and five key takeaways for telling your own. [4 min read] 5 Keys to finding your story

Need help telling your story? Contact Stir today about our content marketing services and let’s discuss how the strategic use of storytelling can help you accomplish your business goals. We can help with strategy, story development, copywriting, design, video production, online PR, social media buzz generation and more more.


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