Display Advertising Agency

Build Your Brand with a Display Advertising Campaign

Would your business benefit from any of the following?

  • Digital ads that helped to build brand awareness, recognition and buzz
  • Visually-appealing, attention grabbing ads designed to make an instant impact
  • A kind of ad that allowed for precise targeting to ensure visibility with your target market
  • An ad that received millions of highly targeted views and a low cost per click
  • An ad that drove targeted traffic to your website
  • An ad campaign that offered a wealth of detailed and actionable data

Then it’s time to consider a display advertising campaign.

Display Ads are those visual advertisements that reside on third-party websites. They can be include photos, graphics, text, video and audio and take the form of banners or sidebar boxes of varying dimensions.

Unlike Native Ads, which are meant to blend in with (look natural; native to) the third-party site they’re on, Display Ads stand out. They are ideal for brand building and, when combined with well-designed landing pages, are great for conversions (ie: increasing leads and sales).

Even in the absence of clicks, there’s substantial benefit in the impressions (views) that well-designed display ads receive. Further, display ads are a great fit for a remarketing campaign, where they aim to reach “warm leads” — those clients and customers you’ve connected with before but who haven’t yet made a purchase.

Stir’s team of digital advertising experts has helped scores of clients over the past 16+ years to build their brands online via impactful display ad campaigns.

“It’s so fun to watch them marvel at the analytics each month, that measurable return-on-investment they can take back to their boss or Board of Directors…”

Stir offers display ad campaigns designed to meet a wide variety of objectives and take advantage of a wide variety of display ad features, including:

  • Display ad campaigns designed to boost brand recognition
  • Campaigns to garner clicks, impressions and conversions
  • Campaigns aimed at building awareness locally

And we offer all display ad campaign types and features:

  • Targeting by audience interest (including in-market and affinity), where we choose the type of audience who’ll see your ad
  • Contextual targeting, where we use chosen keywords to set the best third-party site type for your ad
  • Topic targeting and targeting by website placement, where we choose the kind of sites on which your ad will appear
  • Remarketing / retargeting display ads in Google and Facebook
  • Responsive display ads on Google’s Display Network (GDN)

Ready? We are. Our display ad campaign for your business will build on our extensive portfolio of exciting and successful campaigns for businesses just like yours. Get in touch with the Stir Marketing team today.