Why Should Facebook Messenger Ads be Part of Your Marketing Strategy in 2020?

We all know Facebook’s Messenger app as a popular tool for sending messages to friends and loved ones – over 1.3 billion of us use it world-wide. But Messenger has also become a platform that more and more businesses and brand managers are using in their digital marketing strategies, and with much success.

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While all of Facebook’s advertising options can provide an effective tool for highly-targeted advertising, increasing reach and engagement on Facebook, only Messenger ads offer businesses a means to engage in a truly direct conversation with customers.

And that’s key: the ability to chat with a brand inspires in prospective customers a sense of trust. According to research conducted by Facebook IQ, 69% of customers feel more positive about a business when they are able to chat with a representative.

So now, rather than just blasting ads across channels, you can develop more meaningful connections with consumers through direct communication as you watch your conversion rates and sales improve.

Why choose Facebook Messenger for advertising?

As private messaging as part of the lead nurturing business marketing process gains traction – adding the power of personal connection and conversation into the marketing equation – Facebook Messenger ads ought to be an integral part of any brand’s Facebook advertising strategy.

Advertising through Facebook Messenger offers businesses the ability to reach current and prospective customers instantly. And, according to Facebook, the ads are proven to increase conversions and response rates.

Providing a direct, conversational way for people to take action, Facebook Messenger allows your business to generate high-quality leads by targeting the appropriate audience and demographics for your product or service.

Note: As with any marketing effort, a successful Messenger ad campaign is ultimately measured by conversions, qualified leads, and sales.

Facebook has added three types of Messenger ads to help brands build relationships with their customers by encouraging more one-to-one communication:

  • Messenger, or home section, ads appear directly in the Messenger home screen alongside the other messages in your target audience’s inbox.
  • Sponsored messages allow you to deliver a message directly to anyone that you have an existing conversation within Messenger. For instance, when a user clicks on your sponsored ad, Facebook will send an offer directly to the user’s messenger inbox.
  • Click-to-Messenger, or destination, ads appear in the regular Facebook News Feed and on Instagram. However, unlike a typical News Feed ad, a CTA that reads “Send Message” is displayed and will open a Messenger chat with your business once clicked. The CTA is designed to nurture cold leads instead of scaring them off with a hard ask.

Not only are all of these ads designed to drive engagement and sales, but they’re excellent at initiating conversations and growing relationships.

Messenger Quick Facts

  • Messenger has 1.3 billion monthly active users
  • Over two billion messages are exchanged between people and businesses every month on Messenger
  • 53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can chat with directly
  • 56% of people would rather message a business than call customer service

What you should know about Messenger Ads

You can reach people faster where they are. Messaging has transformed customer support. And responding to a potential lead promptly will only increase your chances of making a sale.

Facebook Messenger Ads allow you to reach more people faster, giving your business more opportunity to convert users at higher rates.

Not unlike a brick-and-mortar business, you expect sales personnel to greet customers upon arrival, encouraging interaction. The same principle applies with a Messenger campaign. Make sure that your welcome message includes a call-to-action that entices customers to interact and engage further.

According to the Harvard Business Review, neglecting to respond in the first five minutes of a customer inquiry, decreases the odds of conversion by 400%.

This is why it has become vital to be able to respond to customer inquiry ASAP if you want to be successful converting to qualified leads and sales. It’s also why messaging apps like Messenger provide such huge marketing potential.

There are two advertising options within Messenger:

  • Ads in Messenger Inbox: When someone clicks on an ad, they’ll be sent to a detailed view within Messenger showing the full ad, with a CTA that will take users to the destination you chose when you create your ad. Inbox ads are automatically delivered to the placement that’s most likely to drive campaign results at the lowest possible cost. When creating ads in Messenger, you can target people based on what they have included in their profiles, Pages, groups and other connections on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Ads in Messenger Stories: These appear between organic stories, similar to those used across Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories. Advertisers can use the Messenger Stories placement to increase the reach of their Instagram and Facebook Stories campaigns. Messenger ads are best for starting a conversation. If encouraging engagement and conversation is difficult, Messenger ads should become your primary tool to gauge interest and grow qualifying leads.

Rather than investing weeks or months talking to a lead before finding out they’re really not interested, initiating a casual conversation is a great way to assess their needs and interests.

Facebook Messenger Ads are a unique and perfect balance between ads and real sales conversations. Rather than simply soliciting for sign-ups or link clicks, a personal chat encourages questions, answers, concerns, and personalization — not to mention the user experience invaluable to building trust and developing brand loyalty, makes all the difference converting leads.

Delivering CTAs and custom offers has never been easier.

You can personalize for people who have interacted with your ads previously. Get your message in front of a user within Messenger, so you’re not restricted only to the Newsfeed – reach out via a direct, highly personalized message.

Instead of running a generic Facebook Newsfeed ad, you can create a more specific, personalized experience targeted to your audience.

Additionally, with Messenger, you increase your conversion rate because your ad is shown individually with little competition for space and attention. The people who like your ad will be more interested in engaging with your brand directly.

Better local targeting options with Messenger ads. Building your localized brand awareness is one of the best ways to use Facebook Messenger Ads.

With their “Local Awareness” feature, you can create Newsfeed ads with the potential of driving huge levels of engagement. You’re able to select the specific local audience who will see your ads depending on where your business is located.

Select a target city or audience, and you can provide specific offers for people to use at your local business – drive real foot traffic with a simple, message-style ad. As driving local traffic has become more challenging, Messenger local ads reach nearby customers with deal-based conversion offers.

There is an endless stream of ads on Facebook. If you’re going to stand out and get more qualified leads, starting a conversation with people using Messenger Ads refashions the traditional sales funnel.

How to set up Messenger Ads

Setting up a Facebook Messenger Ad campaign isn’t that difficult and anyone with a Facebook Business Manager account can do it in only a few minutes:

  1. Create a campaign. Create a new campaign in Ad Manager. Be sure you’ve created a Facebook Business Page. Alternatively, you can use Business Manager.
  2. Identify your marketing objective. Currently, you can only create Messenger-style ads with three different goals: Traffic, conversions, and app installs.
  3. Click on your desired marketing objective and create a new ad account for it.
  4. Scroll down to the conversion section and select “Messenger”. This option ensures that users who click on your ad will start a conversation with your business rather than having Facebook direct them to a landing page.
  5. Once you’ve selected “Messenger,” your ads are almost ready to launch. Flesh them out with your desired content and continue to your call-to-action.
  6. Make sure that “Send Message” is the CTA users will see on your ads.
  7. Set up the offers in your message. This will be different from the headline or description you’ve previously used in a standard Facebook ad. The user sees this once they’ve clicked on your ad and are directed into their messenger app.
  8. Once a potential customer engages with the ad, they’re sent an offer or coupon right there in the messenger dashboard.

You can customize almost everything in the message, from the initial information to the choice of custom responses available to the user.

Facebook Messenger Ads allow you to start real, organic conversations, instantly, that will help you develop a relationship with a potential lead until they convert. Once you initiate that connection, you have instant, valuable access to their inbox from now on – make it count!

Find out more about Facebook Messenger advertising – there’s so much more to learn.

Overwhelmed with all there is to learn and understand about effective Facebook advertising? You’re not alone. While it is possible to set up a Facebook ad quickly, it takes a lot of time and effort to master the intricacies of social media advertising to attract leads and grow sales. Most business owners just simply don’t have that time. Consider connecting with a digital marketing agency specializing in Facebook ads to help you get set-up and running.

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