International Mining Company Strategic Digital Plan Case Study


Stir Marketing was tasked with carrying out strategic digital marketing planning for a publicly-traded multinational mining company (name withheld for confidentiality). They were successful and popular but had yet to enter the social sphere. They knew they needed to do it — and do it well — but didn’t know where to start.  

Stir performed exhaustive “current state” brand research and in-depth competitor research and delivered to this client a 100+ page comprehensive custom Strategic Social Media Marketing Plan to act as their built-for-success action plan as they began social media marketing for the first time.


Client: International Mining Company



  • built-for-success custom Strategic Social Media Marketing Plan, including but not limited to:
    • a deep understanding of:
      • their current online brand sentiment
      • their target audiences’ preferences on social
      • their competitors’ wins and losses on social
      • compliance considerations for publicly-traded companies on social
      • social media marketing best practices for public companies
      • social media trends
      • the industry’s leading social media publishing and monitoring tools
    • a carefully-chosen, skilled Social Media Director in place to manage their growing team and to implement the strategic plan
    • a plan in place for duplicating these steps to roll-out social media for their other international subsidiaries

Strategic Digital Marketing Planning Services: